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Professional project management is crucial to the success of any important project. That’s why at L7, we take it very seriously. We believe that excellent project management begins with great people, proper upfront planning and clarity of objectives, and continues with regular, meaningful communication throughout the project.

To facilitate excellent performance, L7 begins project planning during the sales process, creating an initial project plan even before obtaining a customer commitment. This means fewer surprises during the project and better teamwork throughout. During the project kickoff meeting, the plan is reviewed in detail and modified as necessary to achieve the objectives in the targeted timeframe. From that point forward, the project plan, along with all other project documentation, is published to our secure customer portal and made available to all project participants at any time. In addition, Project Managers host weekly status meetings where updates to the project plan are reviewed in detail, all risks are thoroughly analyzed and mitigated and customer and L7 resources are professionally coordinated toward a successful outcome.


Finally, as with all of our service engagements, we will ask you to evaluate our performance and provide your feedback and recommendations for improvement. All L7 employees are incented to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we can’t wait to hear your reaction to finally receiving the level of service you deserve!

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