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Having a vision of what you want to do is the first in many steps in turning that vision into reality. The next step in that journey is to turn that vision into a detailed blueprint suitable for implementation.

This is where L7 Design Services come in. L7 experts will work with your team to translate your vision into a detailed set of diagrams, resource schedules, costs and timelines that can then be utilized to guide the implementation of your vision.

Using a structured data collection process, we will baseline and document your existing environment and business goals through face-to-face interviews, hands on inspection, and the use of sophisticated analysis tools. This is necessary to identify any weaknesses in the current communications infrastructure that may need to be addressed before overlaying a new IP communications solution.

Next, we will share our experience and knowledge of IP communications through an advanced-level seminar designed to prepare your team for the type of communications environment they will eventually support. L7 will also capture and document the Use Cases for any application linkages that will be part of the overall solution. These will subsequently guide the data integration and programming steps in the implementation process further down the road. The design process itself is very unique and collaborative. Working with your team in a Workshop format, our expert designers guide the development of a mutually owned and supported solution. The deliverables from the Design process will include clear documentation and recommendations specifically tailored to your environment with accompanying rationale for the changes recommended. It will also include detailed cost estimates for all of the materials and labor to turn your vision into a solid reality.

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