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With the delicate “high-wire” work of Deploying a new communications infrastructure behind you, it is time to employ a new approach to managing your communications toolsets.

L7 Support & Managed Services can help bridge the knowledge gap created by implementing very new technology by complementing your staff with 24/7 remotely delivered services or by augmenting your staff with highly qualified professionals in the field to transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently over an intermediate term.

Beginning with the “As-Built” documentation from the Deployment Process, the L7 Managed Services team will publish and maintain online documentation and configuration files in our support repository that will aid our staff and yours in maintaining and supporting your new IP communicationsinfrastructure and tracking


Utilizing our Change Management methodology will ensure this critical information is always up-to-date. L7 offers both Basic and Advanced levels of Managed Services affording our customers the opportunity to select the service level that best meets their needs – a business hours only offering, or a more complete 24/7 offering with full period system monitoring, remote systems administration, hands-on troubleshooting and more.

L7 is also able to leverage its deep relationships with the leading IP communications equipment and software suppliers in the world to help customers fast when it is needed most. As a result, our customers can, and do, count on us when the chips are down.

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