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The L7 services team is comprised of some of the very best IP communications experts in North America, if not the world. Their vendor certifications are complemented with real world experience so that you can be confident in their abilities. What’s more is that every one of them has been through professional customer service and business communications training before they are allowed to carry an L7 business card into the field.

Additionally, each one of them attends weeks of annual training to hone and expand their expertise so that L7 can not only bring you leading edge solutions, but troubleshoot problems faster than anybody else. Our aim is to find a perfect match between your requirements and the capabilities of our team members.

Finally, as with all of our service engagements, we will ask you to evaluate our performance and provide your feedback and recommendations for improvement. All L7 team members are incented to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we can’t wait to hear your reaction to finally receiving the level of service you deserve!

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