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You can find other companies to implement IP communications hardware – but who wants to simply replace one kind of desktop phone with another? If you want to get the most out of your IP communications investment, you need to do more. That is where the L7 Application Integration Team comes into play. Working with your organization, our engineers will maximize the investment you make in IP phones and your new IP PBX by integrating them with your business applications in ways that streamline workflow, improve efficiency and increase employee and patient satisfaction. Our clear focus on healthcare means that we can suggest many opportunities, while clients may also come up with many of their own.

Announcements, surveys, web access, data capture, paging and much more can be accommodated by these phones, why not make use of the functionality?

Our analysts will work with your organization to document common and uncover unique ways to leverage your IP investment to the maximum. The development process will follow well established methods resulting in a quality solution that can be maintained either by L7 or your own team over time. Our projects will follow clearly defined project plans, and testing and acceptance will be completed with direct customer involvement to ensure the quality of the end result.

At L7 we look forward to working collaboratively with your team to generate creative solutions to the challenges you face and to leading the market in the implementation of distinctive, value enhancing solutions for our healthcare customers.

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