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When it is time to execute the plan, it is time for L7’s Deployment Services. After the often lengthy internal struggles to justify a new investment, when you finally have the “green light,” the last problem you need is yet another struggle to find qualified resources that understand your environment to turn your vision into reality. L7 is all about Discovering hidden opportunities, Designing robust solutions and Deploying them in the real world.

Working from a detailed set of design documents, our Project Managers, Field Engineers and Programmers will construct your new, advanced IP communications environment using techniques that will reduce time to value while at the same time ensure a smooth cutover from your existing technologies to new ones. Deploying an advanced IP communications solution is not for the timid. The skill sets can vary widely and include telephony, VoIP, networking, LAN, WAN, wireless, healthcare applications, data integration, email, voice mail, fax, video, cabling, VLAN, VPN, broadband, smart phones and more. Knowledge of the customer’s environment, applications and business processes is also critical to success. Careful planning and regular project communications insure against surprises, but if in the end the customer is not fully satisfied that the new IP communications solution functions as promised, L7 backs its work with a guarantee to repair, replace or refund the shortfall immediately. L7 customers get knowledge, experience and more- they get their plans executed right the first time by the most highly committed team of professionals in the industry.

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