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New construction and an aging Siemens communications system, incapable of scaling and costly to support, left NBHS in a lagging technology position. They did not want to continue to invest in the legacy Siemens technology in their new facilities, and were concerned about the supportability of the existing solution. Further, their data and wireless networks were in need of remediation and optimization.

Action Taken
L7 put together a discovery and design package to address the spectrum of NorthBay’s enterprise IP communication needs. The outcome was approved by the board for deployment and work commenced with the new administrative and conference center in Green Valley, followed by data, voice and wireless network upgrades throughout the remaining facilities of the two-hospital health system in Solano County, CA.

NorthBay Healthcare system now uses Cisco-based IP communications exclusively throughout their healthcare system and is working with L7 to integrate their new communications platform into their healthcare applications suite to further enhance clinical communications and patient care.  L7 planned, designed, deployed and presently supports all of these technologies on behalf of NorthBay.

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