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 “We are very pleased with our partnership with L7 and the excellent work their teams are doing for us.”

David Kennington

Children’s Director of Networks and Telecommunications

Children’s 12-year old Avaya switch was expensive to maintain and no longer capable of scaling to support the organization’s growing needs for a modern communications platform.

Action Taken
L7 facilitated a design and technology selection process that culminated in Children’s selection of Cisco technology to fulfill their voice communications requirements as they moved into the future. The design was approved for deployment and L7 then migrated more than 3000 lines onto the new IP communications platform.

Children’s now has a significantly enhanced communications platform with many new capabilities all at a lower cost than that of upgrading and retaining the older legacy platform when viewed over a five year cost of ownership basis. Better, more capable technology at a lower cost was a winning solution for Children’s. 


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